Our company provides services for OEM projects and contract manufacturing

Services available for OEM projects

Our technological equipment and experience with the production of various types of medical devices allow us to offer cooperation services on OEM projects. We offer cooperation in the production of prototypes, design modifications and serial contract manufacturing of finished designs.

Processing of nitinol and stainless steel

Knitting, shaping and assembling structures of different designs from nitinol or stainless steel wire.

Silicone coating

Application of silicone coating in various layers.

Radial force measurement

Blockwise RLU248 radial force measuring device.

CNC lathe

CNC Lathe Pinacho S94 C/165 for the production of tools for knitting or shaping wires, silicone coating, production of small parts for prototype production.

Assembly of delivery systems

Assembly of complete delivery systems from own or outsourced components.

Cleaning and packaging

Cleaning and packaging of the products using clean room classified in accordance with EN ISO 14644 Class 8.

Contract manufacturing

We offer these services independently from other mutual cooperation activities.


We are certified for provision of a contract ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization service in accordance with ISO 11135:2014. EtO sterilization unit has usable chamber volume of 0.9 m³. We also offer sterile barrier packaging, sterilization validation and sterile barrier validation.

Joint strength test

LaborTech device equipped with a thermo box, with the possibility of low and high range of tearing forces.

Climate chamber

Binder KBF 1020 device for simulation of accelerated aging. Usable inner dimensions W x H x D 976 x 1250 x 876 mm.

Injection molding machine

BOY 22A device for the production of injection molded parts from various types of plastics. Customer mold usage is possible.