Accessibility statement

This web presentation reflects the accessibility and barrier-less character of the web in compliance with the standard rules of the accessible web design and of the orders intended for the amendment of the Act No. 365/2000 Coll. on information systems for public administration.

The presentation has been designed in terms of the specifications issued by the W3C consortium according to the used markup language HTML 4 Transitional, HTML 5 or XHTML 1.1. Transitional and respects the syntactic and semantic correctness.

The content is completely separated from the style using the cascading styles. The presentation can be used also at next output devices (mobile phones, voice readers etc.)

Some complement information (before all the documents to be downloaded) is to the disposal at the pages in other formats, most frequently in PDF. For the display of the documents in this format it is necessary to have the Adobe Reader installed, which is available to be downloaded for free at the Adobe Inc. pages, or any other program able to display the PDF format can be used.

For full functionality of these web pages it is necessary to have a supported and permitted JavaScript in the browser.