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Basic description

A worldwide unique device for extracting ELLA nitinol esophageal stents.

It is used for reliable and atraumatic removal of implanted stents or those that have migrated into the stomach.


ELLA esophageal stent removal:

  • SX-ELLA Stent Esophageal (Flexella Plus)
  • SX-ELLA Stent Esophageal HV (HV Stent Plus)
  • SX-ELLA Stent Danis (Danis Stent)
  • Esophageal stent Danis Seal (Danis Seal)

Features / Benefits

It allows atraumatic stent removal which reduces risk of bleeding and other esophageal injuries.
The principle of simple retraction of the stent into the overtube ensures its safe extraction.
High visibility under X-ray.

Patent protected


To be performed under endoscopic and fluoroscopic control.
Bowden compatible with the working channel of the gastroscope (min. 2.8 mm).
Easy extraction in 5 steps.

Extractor - 3D animation


REF No. Bowden Bowden Overtube Overtube
Outer diameter [mm] Length[cm] Length [cm] Outer diameter [F]
015-01-28-1000 2,6 150 100 28


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