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RELLA - Rehabilitation pad


Personal references

University Hospital Hradec Králové started using the new rehabilitation pad RELLA

University Hospital Hradec Králové

"The new rehabilitation pad RELLA has started to be used at the University Hospital Hradec Králové, which helps patients with coronavirus infections regain physical condition. Loss of muscle strength and self-sufficiency is a negative consequence of staying in bed after only a few days. This occurs especially at a time when a large number of patients and especially seniors are bedridden and the capacities of rehabilitation workers are not sufficient for necessary rehabilitation treatment.
The author of the idea is Prof. Luboš Sobotka, MD, PhD, Head Emeritus of III. Department of Internal Gerontometabolic Clinic, University Hospital Hradec Králové. The rehabilitation pad, which is manufactured by the ELLA-CS company on the basis of a license, is intended for active exercise of the lower limbs and muscles of the abdomen and back during the stay in bed.
Now this pad is used in the Hradec Králové University Hospital, but Thomayer Hospital and the General University Hospital in Prague have also shown interest, where it will be used mainly on beds on which COVID-19 positive patients are placed.
The pad helps maintain physical condition and prevents complications from long-term stay in bed, allows patients to exercise independently without the assistance of staff and the need for professional adjustment. The advantage is that the pad can be used on any bed, is easily portable and has a quiet operation."

Source: University Hospital Hradec Králové

Basic description

The Rehabilitation Pad RELLA is a unique device intended for use at the patient‘s bedside for active exercise of the lower limbs, abdominal and back muscles in order to maintain physical fitness and to prevent complications of long‑term stay in bed. Allows the patient to self-exercise without the assistance of expert personnel and a need for any professional settings.

The pad is primarily intended for medical and rehabilitation facilities.
The purchase is possible only on the recommendation of a professionally qualified person.

Author of the method: prof. MUDr. Luboš Sobotka, CSc.


The Rehabilitation Pad is designed primarily for

  • Acutely hospitalized geriatric patients in need of physical rehabilitation.
  • Adult patients and adolescents from 12 years of age, with a minimum body height of 120 cm, bedridden.
  • Seniors bedridden for a long time, who need to strengthen the lower half of their body and rehabilitate by walking.
  • Patients who have suffered from an acute illness and are rehabilitated in bed.

The Rehabilitation Pad allows mainly:

  • to exercise the lower limbs as soon as possible after overcoming a critical condition,
  • development of muscular strength of the lower limbs and muscles of the patient‘s abdomen and back,
  • to improve blood circulation in the lower limbs during the stay in bed,
  • to shorten the time spent in an acute or follow-up care,
  • to improve the patient‘s condition and allow the patient independent activity leading to early mobility, and shortening the hospital stay.

Features / Benefits

RELLA - A unique rehabilitation pad that can relieve the demanding work of rehabilitation workers and at the same time enable bedridden patients (ICU, orthopedic, surgery, ARO, internal medicine, gerontology, gynecology, NLP, ...) simple strengthening and rehabilitation leading to faster regeneration, shortening the time spent in bed and restoring and maintaining physical condition leading to earlier release of the bed after a critical condition and a faster return to the previous quality of life.

The main advantages of this Rehabilitation Pad include:

  • Minimal supervision from nursing staff
  • Easy exercise of the lower limbs, abdomen and back muscles in bed
  • Variability of exercise and load - It is possible to exercise the limbs alternately or both at the same time
  • Securing the boards - safe transfer of the pad
  • Possibility of exercising with bandaged limbs
  • The pad can be used on any bed
  • Easy handling

Protected by patent no. 308177


The pad is placed directly on the patient's bed and is secured to the bed by tightening the fixation strap to secure it against movement.
The patient is lying on a bed in a supine position and his heels are resting on the sliding parts of the rehabilitation pad when the lower limbs are stretched. Movable plates allow you to exercise your lower limbs in a horizontal motion.
During flexion of the limbs in the hip joint and knee joint, it moves the feet cranially towards the buttocks. With subsequent extension in the hip joint and knee joint, the extension pushes the feet away from the buttocks.
During these movements, the muscles of the lower limbs are strengthened (especially the flexors of the hip joint, the thigh muscles and the calf muscles). At the same time, the abdominal muscles and the stabilizing muscles of the back are trained.
The boards move independently of each other, it is possible to lock them and connect them together and perform exercises with both legs at the same time.

The boards have an upper side made of synthetic rubber, which ensures a non-slip surface.

The methodology of the exercise is not structured in any way and the procedure and frequency (length of the exercise) generally always depends on the specific condition of the patient and the decision of the attending physician or rehabilitation worker.

RELLA - Rehabilitation pad - usage


The rehabilitation pad consists of a light aluminum construction measuring 820 x 630 x 50 mm, on which two plates measuring 250 x 258 mm are placed.

The clamping strap is made of polyester.

Catalogue number 021-01






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